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Jim Morrison Handwritten

This was apparently written by Jim in June 1971 whilst in Paris and was featured on e-bay as the last poetry he wrote....what truth there is in this I have no way of knowing. It is certainly a different notebook from the Paris Journal butI am sure Jim had lots of books he was writing in at the time

Soon They will be here
O gentle listener, soon

I write these words in
The narrow privacy of my cell
To a Mexican girl

Jailer, I hear your keys
Dangling & clamouring
In the long hallway

Great Hiway
along the great ocean
I can give you a ride
a little further up the line

Toward the city

The universe, one line is a
long snake & we each are
facets on its jewelled skin
It moves inexorably, slowly
Winding peristaltic intestinal
Phallic orgasmic ass-wiggling
Slow. Fuck shit piss till
The skin of the dead beast
Shivers in hair raising waves
of love. Die brute. Claim
your world. Join the snake
on its slow journey

The eye of the pilot plane screams mute cloudly
the head jet
sensing the city. Streak
to the stars

But old snake moves & god
rolls slow in its progress
around to the end. If he
bites his own tail the earth will be born

jerk bait scrotum inc

but don't leave you stranded
on some foreign shore
crying aloud
asking for more

jerks, bats, baits

glorious sexual cool
I'm finally dead

Hey monkey
Wipe your nose
You're poisoned w/ books

all the poets
Trapped, lost, stone dead
in the dog-shit caverns of
The past (pagoda’s, temples)

We, truly, are alive

Man is defined by language
I talk, I am
All ideas can be reduced to shit
Not so words, & their combinations
The great philosophers are the great

And the mathematicians
Poetry has a harmony &
majesty which cannot ever
be denied

I must apologise for my unintentional mistake. I was rather tired and run down from getting back from Paris when I typed the post and did not realise till Noras post what I had actually said. Oops my mistake.
The notebook was NOT sold on ebay and IS without doubt one of Jim's notebooks.
It was left in a Paris flat along with his 1969 poetry session and the tape of what has (in my view) been wrongly identified as The Last Paris Tape which consisted of a 15 minute drunken session with Jim and two unknown people.
It was sold via auction TWICE first in 2001 and then in 2006. Initially by Philippe Dalecky who claimed he was GIVEN the notebook and tapes by Jim Morrison. Of course the only person who can contradict Daleckys account is dead and its my belief that Dalecky on hearing Morrison was dead just kept the bag with the tapes and notebook with a view to profiting from it later...which he did.

We discussed this before on this thread

This is a page from the 2001 Moments In Time sale

EXACT same page from 2006 Cooper Owen Sale

Some other views of the notebook from Cooper Owen Auction.....

 Reduced: 96% of original size [ 665 x 443 ] - Click to view full image

 Reduced: 96% of original size [ 665 x 455 ] - Click to view full image

A member of the auction house staff shows off a handwritten notebook from US rockstar Jim Morrison, containing his last thoughts and musings, on display in London, Wednesday, July 26, 2006.

Now you are in danger
old sheep
Now you are in danger

When the true kings murderers
are allowed to run free
A 1000 magicians arise
in the night

So I say have fun
until the whole shithouse
goes up in smoke
get your favourite girl
& run

Can't you feel it now
that spring has come
it's time to play
in the scattered sun
it's time to run

Let the piper call the tune
March april May June

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