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Jim Morrison Last Photos From Paris???

Jim Morrison Last Photos From Paris???

Two photos are floating around the internet that claim to be the last known photos of a living Jim MorrisonMorrison died on July 3, 1971.
Jim Morrison flew to Paris in March 1971, took up residence in a rented apartment, and went for long walks through the city, admiring the city’s architecture. During that time, Morrison grew a beard. The ghostly shot captures him staring out of the window of the apartment where he would eventually die and is believed to be one of the last photographs taken of him and shows him sporting the beard.
The Polaroid photo above was auctioned along with his last notebook of poetry.
The Doors – Jim Morrison’s last notebook
This photo also shows up as Jim’s last photos.  There were a series of photos taken on June 28, 1971 with his girlfriend Pamela Courson by Alain Ronay. These photos from a village near Chantilly taken a few days before Jim died.  He’s pretty clean shaven in these.
jim_morrison_last_photo_pamela jim_morrison_pam
This photo from the bootleg recording,  Jim Morrison – The Lost Paris Tapes looks kinda freaky with the kid in the window.
These also claim to be some of the last photos of Jim.  You be the judge or help out.

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