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Images of Jim Morrison

Images of Jim Morrison

Photographer / Artist Ed Wincenten of Tulsa, Oklahoma has put together a rather unique look at Jim Morrison. Ed's book contains material on Morrison that you've never seen before. We're talking about pictures, posters and handbills. How'd he do it? Where did this material come from? We put those questions and more to Ed Wincentsen.

Q - Of all the people you could have written a book about, you chose Jim Morrison. Why? Don't you think there's already enough material out there on Morrison?

A - I wanted to do a book on Jim Morrison even though there was a lot of material coming out due to the movie, because there was one main theme I wanted to state; the theme being that I considered Jim Morrison a real poet, a poet that transcends even his fame as the rock and roll singer of The Doors. I tried to state this in the short piece I wrote for the beginning of the book. Also, I wanted the book to be meant as an artistic tribute to Morrison, like from a visual artist. Here is my tribute to Jim Morrison, poet, artist.

Q - How did you know where to turn to for material on Morrison?

A - I knew my approach to my book had a certain place that the others didn't because I also wanted to include reproductions of certain posters, handbills, and newspaper ads to try to capture a little of the times. I knew no other book was doing that and I also wanted to locate as many photos that had not been published before. Also, doing my color design work to images was going to be an exclusive for the book. Being a photographer, I knew how to track down photos for the book. I also had some sources that put me in touch with some people that had rare, unpublished items. We were able to obtain a rare Tulsa Doors concert poster for the collector Andrew Hawley, who traded us permission to use some of his collection for the book. Andrew had been approached by other publishers and had been offered cash to use his collection, but he turned many offers down. With us getting this one poster he had wanted for years, gave us that collection for the book. I used posters, handbills that did not have the copyright laws. They were public domain, the ones I used, but unpublished. 

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