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Jim Morrison: His Girlfriend Remembers

Jim Morrison: His Girlfriend Remembers

Judy Huddleston was only 17 when she met Jim Morrison. She was a model in Los Angeles. The year was 1967. What happened after their initial meeting is chronicled in Judy's book "This Is The End My Only Friend, Living and Dying With Jim Morrison"

We spoke with Judy Huddleston about her life and times with Jim Morrison.

Q - If Jim Morrison hadn't been a rock star, would you have put up with the kind of terrible treatment he dished out to you?

A - Probably if he had been an artist or a writer I would have. He wouldn't have had to have been a rock star. If he would have been some sort of artist or writer whose work I loved, yeah. I wasn't even interested in people who weren't.

Q - Judy, how do we know that Jim Morrison really did die on July 3rd, 1971?

A - Ultimately, we don't. 

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