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Jim Morrison: Danny Sugerman Remembers

Jim Morrison: Danny Sugerman Remembers

Danny Sugerman saw his first rock concert at the age of 12. That concert featured The Doors. Fascinated by The Doors' lead singer, Jim Morrison, Danny's obsession with the group and their music led him to a job in their office. He handled their fan mail and organized the group's press scrapbook. Danny has written what has to be the most detailed account yet of life with The Doors. And more than that, it's Danny Sugerman's story, his ups, his downs, his triumphs, his tragedies. Titled "Wonderland Avenue", (William Morrow and Co.) this is the closest look at the inner workings of rock that we've seen in a long time.

Q - You're on the road these days to promote "Wonderland Avenue", but how do you support yourself the rest of the time?

A - I manage The Doors, plus Ray Manzarek's solo career. Ray's very, very active producing. Their band is making movies. The Doors have a very lucrative catalog, compact discs have given us a third life. I worked with The Doors, and made the deals and was involved in the production of 'Dance On Fire' and 'Live At The Hollywood Bowl,' both platinum award-winning videos. I've just produced a new video, The Doors In Europe, aired on Cinemax, and in the Fall coming out on HBO Home Video. That, in combination with a 6-hour radio show on The Doors, shot sales up 500% for the Christmas season. And, we have a Doors box set coming up this Christmas, with an "American Prayer" as well as the 'live' material on CD for the first time, as well as the sixth studio album and a CD containing some never-before-released material.

Q - How were you able to recall all of the conversations in such detail? Did you keep a diary?

A - I made a lot of notes. When a lot of this stuff was going down, I was writing about it. I knew someday I hoped to use them in a book. If you were to ask me to tell you everything Jim Morrison told me, in order, word for word, I couldn't have done it. Sitting down at the typewriter, getting his character to live on paper, once he was alive in this story, he spoke. I could see him, I could hear him. I knew what he would say and I knew what he did say. Once the spirit of him was alive, the words just came. I learned more about my mind in the creative process in the writing of this book. I really feel like a writer now. I know to trust the process, and when I'm inspired to write. 

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