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Jim Morrison Death : remembered by his brother-in-law

Jim Morrison: remembered by his brother-in-law

Alan Graham was part of the inner circle of the Morrison family. He was married to Jim Morrison�s sister, Ann. As a member of the Morrison family, Alan was privy to information that the outside world could only guess about. Alan served as a consultant to Oliver Stone�s film "The Doors". Gary James talked with Alan Graham about one of rock�s enduring legends, Jim Morrison.

Q - If Jim died on July 3, 1971, why did we hear about it six days later, on July 9?

A - Jim Morrison died on July 3 and the next day was July 4. We only heard about it ourselves on July 6. It wasn�t reported to the press until the third day, because Pamela had kept it a secret for those 3 days so she could get her stuff in order, so she could get back to America. The day she left from Paris to America was July 6. That�s when it was reported to the press. And only at the burial.

Q - Alan, again, do you think Jim Morrison is alive?

A - Well, in this day and age, I don�t know. As far as I�m concerned, it�s possible. The only person who knows is Pamela Courson (who died of a drug overdose in 1974). Don�t forget the body was put on ice overnight. The morgues were closed. It was left on Saturday and Sunday night �til Monday morning and his body was really blue. She never saw it. Nobody saw that body �til it came from the morgue in the coffin, ready for the funeral. Pamela wouldn�t look at it. Nobody looked at it. The likelihood that it could�ve been somebody else is extremely high and Morrison could�ve seen it and went into hiding and said this is my chance to get away from all this.

Q - Get away from all of what?

A - His life and the people around him. I don�t want to be the person who says he�s alive in Africa somewhere. As sure as the Admiral is not at peace with himself, neither am I. I don�t know. I can�t say he�s dead. Nobody knows anything except the girl that put him in that coffin and that was Pamela and she�s dead. The others were junkies. It could�ve been anybody in that coffin. Nobody knew where they were, �cause they were all on heroin, including Pamela, smacked up at the funeral. It could have been a perfect road for escape for Morrison.

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