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Doors Fans Can Now Stay At Jim's Last Us Home

Fans of tragic rocker JIM MORRISON can now rent out THE DOORS star's last-known US address - and buy dirt from his garden.
Realtor CHERI WOODS stumbled across the West Hollywood apartment block Morrison and his girlfriend PAMELA COURSON called home in 1970 while she was looking for a property to develop.
She had no idea of the block's connection to rock history until her new tenants started referring to apartment 8216 as `Morrison's Place.'
Woods persuaded the tenants of the apartment to move into another unit and started a 15 month renovation of the whole property to give Doors fans a flavour of what the place was like when their hero lived there.
She says, "The place was like a jungle, in serious disarray, so I set about cleaning it up and, while I was at it, I restored the Morrison apartment and gave it a little flavour with vintage furniture and fixtures. I even put Jim Morrison posters up."
Cheri has already had two paying tenants, who have paid the $200 (GBP105.30)-per-night to stay in a piece of rock history, and she's using the Internet and word-of-mouth to bring in more Doors fans.
The enterprising realtor is also offering daily tours of the West Norton Avenue property, which includes the chance to check out scratch marks Morrison left on outer walls as he attempted to drive his girlfriend's car in and out of the yard - while drunk.
The tour culminates in a small meditation garden Woods has created, where fans can gather their thoughts.
And fans who can't make it to the property can still own a little piece of the place - Woods is selling Zip-loc bags of dirt from the garden on eBay.
Woods explains, "When I dug up the front garden I had this pile of dirt and instead of paying to get it removed, I decided to sell it.
"I get up to $20 for a bag and I'll keep selling it until it's gone. Those who buy a bag get a certificate of authentication and a little piece of Jim Morrison."

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