sâmbătă, 7 august 2010

Manzarek: 'Stone Missed The Doors Of Perception'

THE DOORS keyboardist RAY MANZAREK has slammed director OLIVER STONE for misrepresenting his band in the 1991 biopic of the band. Manzarek, 68, claims Stone's THE DOORS painted an "over-sensationalised" picture of late singer JIM MORRISON, and missed the point the psychedelic rockers were trying to make. Manzarek says, "He over-sensationalised. I don't think he knew what psychedelia was all about. "(Mind-altering drug) LSD opens the doors of perception, and once you step through, you never want to go back, because you realise you've been in a closed state of mind. "What a joyous state! We made music from that perception. He missed that entirely."

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