sâmbătă, 7 august 2010

Jim Morrison's Dad Dead

Late THE DOORS star JIM MORRISON's father has died, aged 89.
There are 2 rare pictures with Jim and his father George.
Rear Admiral George Morrison died of natural causes on 17 November (08).
A veteran of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, Morrison was largely disowned by his rock star son, who insisted his parents were dead in early interviews.
The feeling was mutual - the seaman rarely discussed his son as he rose up the ranks.
In 1990, Morrison visited his son's grave in Paris, France and had a plaque installed.
Shortly after the Morrisons moved to Coronado, California in 2002, the admiral's wife died, and reports suggest he has been in declining health ever since.
Rear Admiral Morrison's private memorial service was held last Wednesday (26Nov08) at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego, California.

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  1. in the picture that some say was taken on board a Distorter with his father. The picture was taken in a ganger, and if you notice the edge of the console the veneer is wood which is not used on a ship. The important thing is the card in the window has my name on it in the lower right hand corner, and the reason was that people who at top levels of government get to hide their children behind someone that can be used by them to protect their kids, so they use someone the can hurt all they want protecting the child of the high raking official from harm and thus the commander would not have the burden in war to be used by someone that could kidnap or ransom the child, Jim M. did not want to be hidden, He wanted his fame. I never met him but I was invited to meet him back stage in Santa Monica, but I was busy. I had stuff to do. The original picture shows my name in the lower righthand conner and my eye {right} was bloodily after a segment of torture when the commander felt compelled to offer this photo shoot with me. That being said you do with what you will this information but these guys did what they did, I did what I could do to stay alive, It's not over.