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Lost Morrison Coin For Sale

Lost Morrison Coin For Sale

A rare JIM MORRISON silver coin is being offered to fans of THE DOORS through the rock group's online fanzine.
Production of the commemorative coin, which features the rock legend's face, was halted in 1991 when group drummer JOHN DENSMORE refused to endorse the idea.
But by the time Densmore aired his grievance about the coin, a handful had already been made.
For years, the coin was considered a myth, but the Doors Collectors Magazine online claims to have one of the original silver tributes in mint condition.
A spokesman for DCM says, "The idea for the coin was proposed to RAY (MANZAREK) and ROBBY (KRIEGER) at a Doors meeting in 1991 and both loved the idea - they signed the permission papers for the limited edition set to be made. For some reason John didn't make it to this particular meeting and didn't know anything about the coins.
"Someone screwed up and production on the coins began without John's needed approval. When Densmore found out about the coins and disliked the idea, production was halted immediately, and the manufactured were recalled and destroyed. None were supposedly ever sold. But somehow a few slipped out - this is one of the few coins that still exist today."
Fans are being invited to bid for the coin on the DCM website.

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