sâmbătă, 7 august 2010

Morrison Tipped Big For Bad Service

Rock legend JIM MORRISON used to shame waiters and waitresses who dished up bad service to him and his friends - by heavily tipping them. The late DOORS frontman hated rudeness from people who thought he and his pals were just hoodlums, and he loved it when they had no idea who he was. The rocker's longtime bodyguard TONY FUNCHES tells the Doors Collectors Magazine, "The man tipped rude service extravagantly. I witnessed this numerous times, especially on a road trip when he and I grabbed a couple of honeys and drove up from LA to San Francisco." Funches recalls Morrison, himself and their road trip girlfriends stopped at one roadside cafe and were served by a bitter old waitress, who didn't approve of hippies or blacks. The bodyguard continues, "When Jim left an extravagant $50 tip, she came running out of the restaurant after us, demanding to know why (he left the tip). Jim replied, 'For such great service.'"

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