sâmbătă, 7 august 2010

Doors Fans Challenge Miami Governor Over Morrison Charges

Fans of rock legends the DOORS are petitioning Miami, Florida's new Governor in an effort to wipe late singer JIM MORRISON's record clean. After years of challenging Morrison's 1969 indecency charges, fans gave up their fight to clear their hero's name, but the group's Doors Collectors Magazine reveals they're finding more favour with politician CHARLIE CRIST. Doors superfan DAVE DIAMOND, from Ohio, has challenged the Governor, asking him to look at the "ridiculous charges" brought against Morrison. In a posting on the DCM website, editors write, "Dave Diamond has submitted to the new Florida Governor Charlie Crist, the perfect list of reasons why he should support us in our quest to expunge Jim Morrison's record of the bogus charges stemming from the 1969 Miami concert. "No matter what happened at that concert or how you feel about the man himself, the prosecution and agencies involved in this matter denied James Douglas Morrison his constitutional rights."

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