sâmbătă, 7 august 2010

Jim Morrison Mystery At Norwegian Soccer Club

Tragic rock legend JIM MORRISON is at the centre of a soccer club mystery in the Norwegian mountain town of Sogndal.
Over 100 huge, spray-painted images of the dead THE DOORS frontman have sprung up on walls around the local club in the past week and club officials are puzzled as to why - but they hope his presence might help them win a few games.
Stadium boss YNGVE HALLEN has reported the matter to police, and plans to remove most of the images, but he's keen to keep some of the better portraits of Morrison - because they might help bump up attendance.
Hallen, his players and fans will get the chance to see whether Morrison can light the team's fire and help them break on through their dark days when Sogndal host rivals ODD GRENLAND OF SKIEN this Sunday (22JUN03).

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