sâmbătă, 7 august 2010

Morrison Song Used In New Eco Campaign

Rock legend JIM MORRISON is helping the fight against global warming from beyond the grave, with the release of a song he wrote. Environmental campaigners have taken a poem, WOMAN IN THE WINDOW, written by Morrison shortly before he died in 1971, and set it to music, with the help of NEW ORDER and former JANE'S ADDICTION star PERRY FARRELL. The track was given to Farrell by the Jim Morrison estate. It will be released as a single in April (07). DAN MORRELL, founder of the Global Cool campaign, says he chose the song because it contains predictions correctly made about the state of the world - including the line, "Man you are evil, get out of my garden." Morrell says, "It's very strange to hear this thing recorded more than 30 years ago that seems so relevant to the environmental challenge we face today."

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